Supported Employment

Spectrum recognizes that employment is a cornerstone of health and wellbeing for all people. We believe that everyone has endless potential to work and serve their communities. Spectrum is determined to facilitate integrated community employment opportunities that will enhance the existing strengths of the people we serve.

Our Supported Employment program is constructed in a series of phases that are designed to meet the occupational needs of the person receiving services:

Job Prep and Development – establish and create job opportunities that are customized to the individual’s goal for employment. This includes skills like resume construction, interviewing skills, completing applications and job preparedness.

Job Coaching – once employment is obtained, Spectrum’s Job Coach will utilize structured intervention techniques to assist clients in carrying out job tasks to the employer’s specifications. The level of support and type of intervention are individualized to meet the needs of the person receiving services.

Job Maintenance – our goal is to establish employment opportunities where people can gain the skills needed to obtain their long-term goals. The maintenance phase of support is designed to ensure that people continue to receive the support and accommodations necessary to sustain employment through the life-time of that job.

Spectrum is working to build and maintain partnerships with employers throughout Colorado that are ready to hire candidates in our Supported Employment programs! Here are some of the employers we proudly partner with:

Client focused quality of care!


 My daughter has had a service provider

from Spectrum who has worked with her for about 3 years with three or four different types of service.  This has been a very positive experience as she has been able to access the community in a variety of ways.  

Some of the activities that she has enjoyed include:  preparing several recipes including shopping and making the dish, purchasing gifts for friends, managing her own money, going out to eat at a wide variety of restaurants, and enjoying many outings of swimming and bowling.

We are thankful for the support and responsiveness of Spectrum."

Wayla M. – Thornton, CO